TGFL Mission

Our Mission

Telangana Association of Florida (TGFL) is established as a non-profit organization with an objective to promote, preserve and encourage the rich Telangana culture, festivals, language, art and unique traditions of Telugu speaking people across Florida. When culture is preserved and kept intact and people take pride in their heritage then everything else will fall into its place.
  • Preserving the unique cultural heritage of the Telangana region.

  • Instilling in the people of Telangana a sense of pride in their culture.

  • Promote cultural and social integration between Telangana community and local Floridian population at large.

  • Rekindling their hopes and aspirations for a better future.

  • Maintain close collaboration, foster friendship and understanding with other social, cultural and community organizations.

  • Organize periodic literary, educational, youth, cultural functions and conferences.

  • To provide forums for discussion of current affairs and matters of professional concern in USA and India region.
Successful in Florida

Preserving Cultural Heritage